Creating interesting and informative videos is an effective way to showcase the luxury vehicles and services offered by the transportation company. High-quality videos can help create a strong visual impression and give potential customers an overview of a company's offerings.

Video Search Engine Optimization is a thing! As with written content, videos can be optimized for search engines to improve their visibility and ranking on platforms such as Google and YouTube. This can include using relevant keywords in the title, description and tags of the video, as well as including those keywords in the video content.

Sharing videos on social media is a must. Social media platforms are a key marketing channel for any livery company. Sharing videos on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter can help increase the reach and visibility of a company's services, and can also provide an opportunity for potential customers to engage with the company and ask questions.

Using video ads to reach new audiences is an effective way for any company or brand to reach new customers and target a specific demographic. Platforms like YouTube, FaceBook (actually META), LinkedIn, Instagram offer a range of advertising options including skippable pre-roll ads, in-stream ads and sponsored posts.


LINKEDIN INFLUENCER MARKETING \ interconnected or holistic marketing

LinkedIn Optimization and Management

Professionals and companies looking for LinkedIn SEO, company page management, content strategy, or LinkedIn influencer marketing rely on digital agency Optimized and Predrag Petrovic, a LinkedIn influencer with 21,500+ followers and 16 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing

Optimized is a team of progressive SEO specialists, internet marketing experts, developers, designers, content writers, and social media managers. Suppose you want to strengthen your digital image, find a high-paying job, recruit top professionals, connect with the best companies from your industry, or advertise on LinkedIn. If you need any of those services, Optimize will help you without breaking the bank.

LinkedIn Profile & Company Page Creation

Your LinkedIn profile or company page serves as an internet business card - uniquely representing your experience, authority, and relevance in the business world. Creating your profile or company page is the first step in your growth. Optimized can help you optimize your bio, profile picture, and work experience or create engaging posts. 

Your profile must be a reflection of your aspirations, experience, and skills. We’ll make sure you don’t overlook critical details important for your search appearances. A compelling summary, attention-grabbing headlines, and a detailed description of your work experience will help you get the recruiters’ attention much faster.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

You have to stand out if you want people to notice and contact you before countless other profiles. The LinkedIn profile optimization service will increase your exposure and influence on the networking platform. We get into the complexities of keyword optimization, smart content placement, and talent showcasing. 

An optimized LinkedIn profile generates more views, connection requests, and possibilities. Optimized will assist you in fine-tuning each aspect of your profile to correspond with your professional goals, ensuring that you appear in relevant search results. Don’t get lost in the sea of candidates, and let us help you stand out with quality and professionalism.

LinkedIn Content Creation Services

Well-written content will establish your company or yourself as an industry expert, supporting your page description, qualifications, and experience. We will not only showcase your expertise but also improve your search rankings with carefully placed keywords. 

Sharing inspiring ideas, creative articles, and industry news regularly will help you position yourself as a trusted authority in your sector. Our content creators will give you materials that appeal to your connections and followers. Optimize will share posts that inform, educate, and inspire your LinkedIn network to boost your brand.

Connecting with Targeted Professionals and Companies

Your digital agency will help you strategically grow your network by connecting to organizations and individuals relevant to your business or occupation. Whether you're looking for industry associates, possible clients, or career possibilities, a well-developed network is your most valuable asset. 

We advise on how to create tailored connection requests and design outreach tactics. You will build strong partnerships and get hired for top roles on the largest networking platform in the world.

LinkedIn Group Creation & Management

LinkedIn groups are designed to serve as hubs for industry-specific topics and discussions and, of course, networking opportunities. Our team will create and manage groups that connect professionals and companies, presenting your firm’s authority in your field. 

Open groups will establish you or your organization as an influential leader and a desirable connection in your field. It's a fantastic tool for exchanging ideas, working on projects, and growing a community of committed people.

Video Marketing Services on LinkedIn

Video content will not only deeply engage your audience and showcase your expertise and character in a fun way but also help your search engine optimization (SEO). LinkedIn videos usually have first-page positions on Google’s results page, so sharing original short videos custom-made for your brand can have multiple benefits. 

Optimized focuses on video marketing because of its immense potential to reach the top of SERPs, build brand identities, get to people outside your core audience, and send a message everyone can understand. If you’re looking for LinkedIn video marketing services, Optimized is the right place for you.

Spread Your Message Fast with LinkedIn Advertising

If your goal is to reach your target audience quickly and with high precision, the best option for you is LinkedIn paid advertising. Your loyal digital team will help you create and manage effective LinkedIn campaigns, ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI). 

For remarkable outcomes and business growth, we make plans, create captivating ad creatives, and optimize campaigns. Your posts will be your LinkedIn lead magnets, bringing more people to your page and filling your DM with business proposals. We understand the LinkedIn algorithm and know how to optimize your content for better visibility.

Hire LinkedIn Marketing Experts Near You

Predrag Petrovic and Optimized team offers a wide spectrum of services related to LinkedIn growth. Contact Optimized for:

The Optimized team of digital experts has the tools and experience to maximize your potential on LinkedIn with an entire set of services. We're here to help you throughout your LinkedIn journey, whether you want to improve your brand, develop your network, create an impressive online representation of your company, get hired, connect your company with industry leaders, or recruit new audiences. 

Every business MUST have a respectable LinkedIn page. The Optimized team will be more than happy to help you achieve your goals and ensure future growth.

LinkedIn in 2023:


Overall, it's likely that both LinkedIn and Instagram have seen increased usage in Belgium in 2023, but without specific data, it's difficult to say for sure. If you're interested in learning more about social media trends in Belgium, I would recommend checking out reports from market research firms or social media analytics platforms.